AWPP2019にて論文発表 (D2 Kim, D1 Lin, M2 若槻)

2019年10月28-31日に開催される、Asian workshop on polymer processing (AWPP2019, Beijing, China) において、Kim Dongho(D2),Lin Weiyuan (D1)、若槻祐馬(M1)が下記の内容で論文発表を行います。

“Electroless Plating on Polypropylene with Surface Modification by Polydopamine”, *Yuma Wakatsuki, Shinsuke Nagamine, Masahiro Ohshima (poster)

“Core-back foam injection molding of styrene-isobutylene-styrene copolymer (sibs) with N2 using polypropylene as a nucleating agent”, *Weiyuan Lin, Long Wang, Yuta Hikima, Masahiro Ohshima (poster)

“Preparation and characterization of poly(butylene succinate)(PBS)/poly(lactic acid)(PLA) foams using core-back foaming process”, *Dongho Kim, Long Wang, Yuta Hikima, Masahiro Ohshima (oral)