2019年7月7-12日に開催される、ICAVS10(オークランド,ニュージーランド) において、 引間助教、太矢祐輔(M2),中村俊樹(M2)が論文発表を行います。

“Analysis of thermal stability of polypropylene by combining micro FTIR spectroscopy and fast scanning calorimetry”, * Yuta Hikima, Masahiro Ohshima

“Visualization of orientation behavior of polymer crystals and cellulose nanofibers using polarized FTIR imaging method”, Yusuke Taya, Yuta Hikima, Masahiro Ohshima

“Development of NIR spectroscopic birefringence imaging method and its application for injection molded polymer product”, Toshiki Nakamura, Yuta Hikima, Masahiro Ohshima