Research Themes

Modern society is deeply indebted to various materials for providing the several functional products to our life. Among those materials, macromolecules have the large potentials of giving rise to various functions, such as lightness, flexibility, elasticity, and fluidity. The material’s functions are strongly related with the order of structures in the level from nano, micro to macro-scales. Employing the computer simulation and modern analyzer, our laboratory is developing new material processing technologies for creating new functional materials from macromolecules. Research and development mainly focus on controlling the material structures created by diffusion, phase separation, nucleation and growth and developing the optimal processing device for the control. Integration of supercritical fluid with present plastic processing technologies is one of our major interests of our research. Also, process development of marine biomass for clinical applications and inorganic materials for solar system are our interest. Latest research topics are nano-cellular polymer foaming, preparation of ceramic nanofibers and Chitin porous materials. Some of them are introduced here.