Labtrip in Shirahama!

In this year’s labtrip, we traveled to Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture in 2 days!

On the first day, we enjoyed sightseeing and eating around SpaWorld Onsen and Shinsekai in Osaka. Kushikatsu is not allowed to be pickled twice in the sauce. This is the most important rule.


Shinsekai in Osaka

Delicious Kushikatsu


After arriving at the Kyoto University Shirahama Sea House, it was a great night to explore the beach, BBQ and fireworks! We enjoyed meat and seafood to our heart’s content in BBQ.



In fireworks, we challenged to take afterimages with long exposure. It was quite beautiful.

On the second day, we enjoyed Shirahama, such as the superb view of Senjojiki and the Sandanbeki walls, and the hot springs and lunch at the ToreTore PARK.

All of them were inexperienced in Kyoto, and all the participants were very satisfied and arrived home.

Thanks to Mr. Matsuda, the travel clerk who supervised us.

All members of 6koza that restored their energy were going to put more effort into the future academic and research life.