Prof. Ohshima, Mr. Ishihara, Mr. Shigeta & Mr. Minato will attend the Foams 2016 conference held at Seattle WA on Sept. 14-15

Prof. Ohshima attend the Foams2016 conference held at Seattle Washington (USA) on Sept. 14-15.

He will present a paper entitled A Microcellular Foam Injection Molding Technology with Direct Delivery of Physical Blowing Gas from Cylinders, Long Wanga, Atsushi Yusab, Satoshi Yamamotob, Hideto Gotob, Hiromasa Uezonoc, Shota Ishiharaa, Yuta Hikimaa and Masahiro Ohshimaa*

3 students also give poster presentations:

Shota Ishihara (Doctoral course student):Preparation of Polypropylene(PP) /Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Nanocomposite Foams withCoreback Foam Injection Molding and Analysis of Their Mechanical Properties

Tomohiro Shigeta (Master’s course student):Mathematical Modeling and Visual Observation of A Press Foam Molding of Crosslinking Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with Chemical Foaming Agents

Atsushi Minato (Master’s course student):Controlling The Open Cell Content of Polypropylene Microcellular Foams with Crystal Nucleating Agents in Core-Back Foam Injection Molding Process