Dr. Hikima with three students will paticipate AWPP in Malysia, Oct. 5-7

2022.10.5-7: Dr. Hikima and three students (AKagi, Yoshikawa, Funahasi) will paticipate the Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing(2022/10/5-7) and make the following preesntations.

Near-infrared spectroscopic birefringence imaging of uniaxially stretched elastomer:Y. Hikima 1* , K. Mori 1 , M. Ohshima

Near-infrared spectroscopic detection of phase separation of physical blowing agent from polymer during foam injection molding:

I. Yoshikawa, Y. Hikima, A. Naitou , M. Watari, M. Ohshima

Effect of silica nanofillers on crystallization behavior of isotactic polypropylene:H. Funahashi, Y. Hikima, S. Nagamine, M. Ohshima

Texture Evaluation of Soy Protein-based Edible Fiber Prepared by Wet Spinning:M. Akagi , S. Nagamine , K. Nakagawa , T. Kobayashi