Dr.Hikima and Mr. Muroga gave presentations at ICAVS9 (Canada)

Dr. Hikima and Mr. Muroga(D2) gave presentations at 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY (ICAVS9, June 11th-16th, Victoria, Canada).

Oral Presentation by Dr. Hikima : “Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Birefringence Imaging of Polymeric Products”, Yuta Hikima, Ryoki Mitsui, Shun Muroga, Masahiro Ohshima

Poster Presentation by Mr. Muroga: “Simultaneous Evaluation of Chemical Structure and Additives’ Size in Polymer Composites using Near-infrared Spectroscopy”, Shun Muroga, Yuta Hikima, Masahiro Ohshima