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Our research is focused on analyzing the phenomena that occur during powder processes and on developing new handling methods for powders. Although fine particles are widely used in industry, their behavior is complicated and varies according to the conditions used; thus, a full understanding is needed from the viewpoints of the advanced applications of fine particles as well as environmental protection. In particular, the analysis of the dynamic behavior of particles and the evaluation of powder properties such as particle adhesion and electrification are important for fine-particle handling in gases.


o Fundamentals and applications of particle electrification

The contact electrification of particles is a fundamental phenomenon that occurs during powder handling processes, and the electrostatic forces acting on particles significantly affect particle behavior; thus, the control of particle charging is important for powder handling operations. In fact, applications for charged particles have been widely developed, e.g., electro-photography, dry powder coating, and electrostatic separation. As operations such as dispersion, agglomeration, and particle transport can be remotely controlled by electro-static forces, further technological innovations are expected in this direction. To realize the full potential of the existing technology, an in-depth under-standing of particle charging, charge distribution control, particle movement control, and relevant online measurement techniques is needed.

1.  Particle charging and levitation with UV irradiation and electrostatic field.
2.  Particle electrostatic charging by atmospheric pressure low-temperature plasma.
3.  Analysis of triboelectric charging of fine particles.
4.  Development of a particle charge controller using centrifugal force and its application.
5.  Characterization of fine particles triboelectrically charged in gas–solid pipe flow.
6.  Characterization of particles triboelectrically charged by a two-stage system with vibrations and external electric fields.

o Evaluation of Adhesion and flowability of particles

Particle–particle and particle–wall interaction forces are important factors that directly affect powder handling, and appropriate methods need to be developed for measuring the adhesive property between primary particles or agglomerated particles and for evaluating the flowability of particles.

1DAnalysis of adhesive strength distributions of particles subjected to various external forces.
2DAnalysis of flowability profiles.

o Mechanical handling of nano and submicron particles

The demand for submicron- and nanoparticles is growing on account of the need to produce highly functional products. However, their adhesiveness increases with decreasing particle diameter, and as a result, powder handling becomes more complex for small particle diameters. In particular, for particles having a diameter of less than 1 ƒÊm, the complications due to adhesiveness are pronounced and it is therefore imperative to develop new techniques as well as analyze particle behavior for overcoming these issues.

1.  Control of the movement of fine particles using multiple vibration modes.
2.  Development of a novel fluidized bed system using vibration convection mechanism.
3.  Development of micro-feeding of nanoparticles based on vibration shear flow.
4.  Development of a pneumatic transport system for nanoparticles.


o Staff

o Professor: Shuji MATSUSAKA
o Secretary: Harumi YOSHIMOTO

o Research colleagues

o Researcher
Masatoshi YASUDA

o Students

o Master course
Masahiro OTA

Hayato MORI

o Under graduate

o PhD
Yasuhiro SHIMADA (2022. 3)
Yozo KUDO (2021. 3)
Mizuki SHOYAMA (2020. 3)
Takehiko HORIO (2017. 11)
Murino KOBAYAKAWA (2015. 3)
Yi-Hung LIU (2012. 3)

o ME
Sota KAI (2022. 3), Ryo NISHIKAWA (2022. 3), Maki UEDA (2022. 3), Taiki SUGAYA (2021. 3), Akihiro TAKAUCHI (2021. 3), Shunsuke TERAKADO (2021. 3), Shogo INOUE (2020. 3), Shuhei NISHIDA (2020.3), Hironobu YOSHIOKA (2020.3), Masanori KISHIMOTO (2019. 3), Shun FUJII (2019. 3), Takumu KAWATA (2018. 3), Tomoki WAKISAKA (2018. 3), Yuta NAKANISHI (2017. 3), Eri TANAKA (2017. 3), Jian WANG (2017. 3), Daiki WATANUKI (2017. 3), Shiro KITAJIMA (2016. 3), Tatsumi UTANO (2016. 3), Seiya KIRIYAMA
(2015. 3), Atsushi NOGUCHI (2015. 3), Sho SATO (2015. 3), Megumi MIZUTANI (2014. 3), Shohei SHIRAISHI (2013. 3), Yusuke FUJII (2013. 3), Dan WEI (2013. 3), Junpei IYOTA (2012. 3), Takashi YAMAMOTO (2010.3)

o Graduates
Shuya TANOUE (2022. 3), Atsuki MIYOSHI (2022. 3), Shunto KINUGASA (2021. 3), Kazuya OKAMOTO (2021. 3), Sota KAI (2020.3), Motohiro TSUBOTA (2020.3), Ryo NISHIKAWA (2020. 3), Akihiro TAKAUCHI (2019. 3), Junya TABATA (2018. 3), Shuhei NISHIDA (2018. 3), Hiroki YAMAMOTO (2018. 3), Minami SODENAGA (2017. 3), Kazuaki HASHIMOTO (2017. 3), Kai YAMAMURA (2017. 3),  Takumu KAWATA (2016. 3), Yo OKADA (2015. 3), Eri TANAKA
(2015. 3), Ayumi FUJIMOTO (2014. 3), Koichi TAKEDA (2014. 3), Daisuke TOKITO (2014. 3), Kota KUBO (2013. 3), Mitsuhiro SAKATA (2013. 3), Megumi MIZUTANI (2012. 3), Daisuke HIRAMA (2011.3), Kazua SATOH (2011. 3)

o Leaving
(2016. 3)

o Visiting Researchers (over one month)

o Research student
           D2 Junyu Lu from China University of Mining & Technology

o Short-term exchange student
           M2 Sumeng Bai from University of Melbourne

o Visiting research student
           D3 Poom Bunchatheeravate from University of Florida (
NSF-PIRE, project number NSF OISE 0968313)

o Post doctoral fellow
           Dr. M. Imran Zainuddin from Malaysia (JST)

o Visiting researcher
           Dr. Yanbin Jiang (Professor) from South China University of Technology (MEXT)

o Visiting researcher
           Dr. Chi-Hwa Wang (Professor) from National University of Singapore (JSPS)

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