We focus on the development of the technology for renewable energy production and high-efficiency energy conversion/utilization.

1. High-efficiency, low-cost solar cells
We explore novel photovoltaic materials systems, low-cost mass production schemes, higher-efficiency device operation principles and structures for the realization of wide use of solar cells.

2. High-performance hydrogen storage systems
We introduce novel engineering techniques to improve the existing hydrogen-storage systems via a series of hydrogen dynamics modelling.

3. Ultralow-power-consumption photonic LSI
We design and fabricate nanostructured light sources for use in photonic integrated circuitries for the realization of ultralow-power-consumption computation and telecommunication, accounting for the production feasibility and device performance.

4. Nano nuclear-fusion electric generation systems
We investigate novel high-efficiency nuclear fusion power generators utilizing optical energy and nanostructured materials.

5. Environmental information engine nanodevices
We conduct fundamental investigations for nanoscale energy transducers to extract environmental order or information as new energy resources to be converted into electrical works.