Publications (selected)

2016 - (at Kyoto)

Y. Shimohata, Y. Hamamoto, K. Nishi, and K. Tanabe
Improved kinetic model of hydrogen absorption and desorption in titanium with subsurface transport
Fusion Engineering and Design 173, 112833, 2021

K. Tanabe
On the field focusing effect at the tungsten fuzzy nanostructures formed by helium plasmas
Plasma and Fusion Research 16, 1405107, 2021

K. Tanabe
Strain relaxation in semiconductor wafer bonding
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 60, 055504, 2021

Y. Fujita, S. Ishihara, Y. Nakashima, K. Nishigaya, and K. Tanabe
Selective transfer of Si thin-film microchips by SiO2 terraces on host chips for fluidic self-assembly
Applied Mechanics 2, 16, 2021

K. Tanabe
An explicit derivation of the time-information uncertainty relation in thermodynamics
IOP SciNotes 2, 015202, 2021

Y. Nakashima and K. Tanabe
Nanogap plasmonic field enhancement on hydrogen-absorbing transition metals
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46, 14581, 2021

K. Tanabe
Selective electromagnetic induction heating of metal particles in molten salt for tritium extraction: A systematic numerical investigation
Fusion Engineering and Design 163, 112177, 2021

K. Nishigaya and K. Tanabe
III-V light-emitting diodes on silicon by hydrogel-mediated wafer bonding
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 9, 086002, 2020

K. Tanabe
Mutual information in coupled double quantum dots: A simple analytic model for potential artificial consciousness
arXiv:2006.16243 / Journal of Statistical Mechanics 17, 093209, 2020

S. Ishihara and K. Tanabe
Nanoscale silicon fluidic transfer for ultrahigh-density self-assembled integration
Nano Express 1, 010063, 2020

K. Nishigaya, K. Kishibe, and K. Tanabe
Graphene-quantum-dot-mediated semiconductor bonding: A route to optoelectronic double heterostructures and wavelength-converting interfaces
C 6, 28, 2020

Y. Hamamoto, T. Uchikoshi, and K. Tanabe
Comprehensive modeling of hydrogen transport and accumulation in titanium and zirconium
Nuclear Materials and Energy 23, 100751, 2020

K. Kishibe, S. Hirata, R. Inoue, T. Yamashita, and K. Tanabe
Wavelength-conversion-material-mediated semiconductor wafer bonding for smart optoelectronic interconnects
Nanomaterials 9, 1742, 2019

S. Ono, T. Uchikoshi, Y. Hayashi, Y. Kitagawa, G. Yeh, E. Yamaguchi, and K. Tanabe
A heterothermic kinetic model of hydrogen absorption in metals with subsurface transport
Metals 9, 1131, 2019

T. Yamashita, S. Hirata, R. Inoue, K. Kishibe, and K. Tanabe
Solution-processed-ZnO-mediated semiconductor bonding with high mechanical stability, electrical conductivity, optical transparency, and roughness tolerance
Advanced Materials Interfaces 6, 1900921, 2019

N. Fukuoka and K. Tanabe
Lightning-rod effect of plasmonic field enhancement on hydrogen-absorbing transition metals
Nanomaterials 9, 1235, 2019

K. Kishibe and K. Tanabe
Hydrogel-mediated semiconductor wafer bonding
Applied Physics Letters 115, 081601, 2019

N. Fukuoka and K. Tanabe
Large plasmonic field enhancement on hydrogen-absorbing transition metals at lower frequencies: Implications for hydrogen storage, sensing, and nuclear fusion
Journal of Applied Physics 126, 023102, 2019

R. Inoue, N. Takehara, T. Naito, and K. Tanabe
Direct semiconductor wafer bonding in non-cleanroom environment: Understanding the environmental influences on bonding
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 1, 936, 2019

R. Inoue and K. Tanabe
Ohmic InP/Si direct-bonded heterointerfaces
Applied Physics Letters 114, 191101, 2019

T. Naito and K. Tanabe
Fabrication of Si/graphene/Si double heterostructures by semiconductor wafer bonding towards future applications in optoelectronics
Nanomaterials 8, 1048, 2018

Y. Kitagawa and K. Tanabe
Development of a kinetic model of hydrogen absorption and desorption in magnesium and analysis of the rate-determining step
Chemical Physics Letters 699, 132, 2018

K. Tanabe
Pareto's 80/20 rule and the Gaussian distribution
Physica A 510, 635, 2018

B. Jang, K. Tanabe, S. Kako, S. Iwamoto, T. Tsuchizawa, H. Nishi, N. Hatori, M. Noguchi, T. Nakamura, K. Takemasa, M. Sugawara, and Y. Arakawa
A hybrid silicon evanescent quantum dot laser
Applied Physics Express 9, 092102, 2016

Y. H. Jhang, R. Mochida, K. Tanabe, K. Takemasa, M. Sugawara, S. Iwamoto, and Y. Arakawa
Direct modulation of 1.3 μm quantum dot lasers on silicon at 60 C
Optics Express 24, 18428, 2016

K. Tanabe
Plasmonic energy nanofocusing for high-efficiency laser fusion ignition
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 55, 08RG01, 2016

K. Tanabe
Coupled-double-quantum-dot environmental information engines: A numerical analysis
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 85, 064003, 2016

K. Tanabe
A simple optical model well explains plasmonic-nanoparticle-enhanced spectral photocurrent in optically thin solar cells
Nanoscale Research Letters 11, 236, 2016

K. Tanabe
Modeling of hydrogen/deuterium dynamics and heat generation on palladium nanoparticles for hydrogen storage and solid-state nuclear fusion
Heliyon 2, e00057, 2016

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